How Many Non-ULEZ Compliant Vehicles Drive in London?

How many people will be affected by the ULEZ expansion to outer London? This is an important question. Sadiq Khan claims only one in ten drivers (160,000 vehicles) will be affected based on counting non-compliant cars driving in London. But this is grossly misleading probably because it includes PHV/Uber cars which drive high mileages within London.

The RAC has reported the true figures. They claim nearly 700,000 cars registered in London will be affected which rises to 850,000 if vans are included. That does not even include the vehicles registered elsewhere that drive into London for commuting, shopping, etc.

These are enormous numbers and indicates the massive financial costs being imposed on potentially millions of people who will be either paying £12.50 per day or need to spend thousands of pounds on a new vehicle.

Yet again we have the Mayor of London grossly misleading people and telling porkies in his desperation to get public support for the ULEZ expansion.

See RAC Report here:  

Roger Lawson


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2 thoughts on “How Many Non-ULEZ Compliant Vehicles Drive in London?

  1. We really need the Mayor to tell us what he is going to do about the air traffic over London as it pollutes more than cars over London. I was told just one Airbus taking off is more than all the London taxis produce in one day.

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