Mayor Abuses Opponents of ULEZ and Conservatives Gear Up

Sadiq Khan gave a speech on Monday in which he said that while some Londoners had “genuine concerns”, others had “latched on to the ULEZ to push their own agenda”. He said: “This includes a relatively small but well organised group of climate deniers and vested interests who are playing the genuine concerns of Londoners because they sense an opportunity to put a dent in the drive towards greater climate action”. See report here:

This is of course a gross distortion of the truth. Opposing the ULEZ expansion has nothing to do with your views on climate change. The ULEZ is claimed to tackle air pollution (but it won’t help in outer London) and there is no basis for arguing it will tackle climate change. Only the misinformed will be fooled by this nonsense. The ULEZ is solely about raising tax to cover TfL and the Mayor’s financial mismanagement.

The Conservative Party seem to have finally realised that the ULEZ expansion is a great platform on which to attack Sadiq Khan. They are promoting a petition which has already been signed by over 70,000 people. Please add your name! See

Meanwhile the Crowdjustice legal case for a judicial review has been progressing. See for the latest news. Please support it.

Roger Lawson


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1 thought on “Mayor Abuses Opponents of ULEZ and Conservatives Gear Up

  1. Listened to lbc and the caller claimed that because a plumber charged him £100 for a small job it justifies the ulez charge expansion because at that rate he can clearly afford it……..what he is probably doing is comparing that rate to the average paye hourly wage forgetting that that trades man is paying fuel,road tax,vat,tools,qualifications,skills learnt,and all the other overheads that paye Does not pay.most tradesmen don’t have compliant vans,availability of compliant vans is not there in either the new or secondhand who does he think will pay the charge next time he needs a plumber ,his bill has gone up to £112.50 an hour at least .so if you think this atrocity of a tax won’t affect you because your compliant then wait until the council put up your taxes coz of the extra costs of tradesmen or shops getting deliveries.people need to start thinking beyond there immediate needs and start seeing this tax for what it will become……..15 minute cities and pay per mile

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