Cycling in Decline

The Times has reported that “Bike sales fall to lowest level in 20 years” and the boom has become a bust. Bike sales have dipped to their lowest level in two decades. It suggests many people have lost their appetite for cycling, perhaps not surprising after a cold, wet winter. The boom during the pandemic has disappeared.

This is undermining the Government’s commitment to grow “active” travel and the hundreds of millions of pounds being spent on encouraging cycling has been a waste of money. However the Government did cut funding to Active Travel England by more than £200 million recently which was surely a wise decision when the Government is so short of money and there are big demands for money for the NHS, for defence and support of social programmes to limit the impact of energy price rises.

The money spent on cycle lanes is particularly problematic as they can increase traffic congestion and do not improve cycling safety. In fact the more people who cycle the more road traffic accidents involving cyclists there are, thereby increasing casualties. The increase in potholes has also had a negative impact on cycling.

Roger Lawson


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2 thoughts on “Cycling in Decline

  1. As a cyclist and car driver I have not seen a reduction in cyclists compared to previous years. It is a seasonal change that is quite normal. Reduction in bike sales are to be expected after the increased sales during the past couple of years. This does not indicate a reduction in cyclists.
    In the same way the reduction in car sales is not directly related to the number of drivers on the road.
    Agreed that the state of the potholed roads does not help cyclists or car drivers.
    Remember that cycling is good for your health and fitness and the roads would a better safer place if all car drivers were cyclists as well.

    • I suggest you read the Times article for more details. I do suspect that cycling is become a passing fashion. As a former cyclist I consider it positively dangerous.

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