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This blog is published on behalf of the Freedom for Drivers Foundation (FFDF). See our web site at https://www.freedomfordrivers.org for more information about the organisation.  We aim to represent ordinary drivers but this blog covers not just issues that impact car drivers but many other transport issues in London and elsewhere in the UK.

We campaign to protect the rights of individual road users and believe that road transport is a beneficial and essential element in the UK transport infrastructure. We oppose excessive taxation of motorists and are against road tolls. We also campaign for more enlightened road safety policies. The FFDF is a voluntary organisation which is financially supported primarily by its individual supporters. More information on the FFDF is available from our web site at http://www.freedomfordrivers.org

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2 thoughts on “About and Contact Info

  1. Can you help me? Have the Experimental Traffic Orders in Lewisham not timed out, meaning that all fines are unenforceable until the Traffic Order is made law. This is still not the case, am I right? Are we not technically in a legal limbo? I am asking as I wish to contest a PCN that has just arrived.

    I hope you can help me confirm this

    Warm regards
    Simon Fullerton

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