ULEZ Air Pollution Impact and Financial Impact Summary

The following is an article written by Richard Walker which explains the likely impact of the ULEZ expansion on life expectancy.



Yes, instead of 81 years, or 29,565 days, it could rise to 29,567 days, an increase of 0.008% !!!!

Mayor Khan has been reluctant to put numbers to the health benefits of expanding ULEZ to outer London, but a report by the Committee on the Medical Effects of Air Pollutants, COMEAP NO2 2018 (Google it) reveals on page 69 that a 1 μg/m3 reduction in NO2 emissions should increase life expectancy by 8 days.

The official Jacobs Integrated Impact Assessment estimates (p47) that ULEZ expansion will reduce NO2 pollutant levels by just 0.3 μg/m3 in outer London. 0.3 x 8 = 2.4, so that gives a 2.4 day lifetime increase thanks to ULEZ, or + 0.008%.

Thank you, Mr Khan, but in no way can that pathetic benefit justify the pain your scheme will inflict on us.

Khan’s repetitive public statements about NO2 hazards are based on a health burden report which in turn is based on the COMEAP report published in 2018 where there was no consensus on the details and which is now out of date, plus the Jacobs Impact Assessment for the ULEZ.

The following diagram shows the overall financial impact of the ULEZ expansion:

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3 thoughts on “ULEZ Air Pollution Impact and Financial Impact Summary

  1. One unknown cost that no one seems to be counting is how many people’s lives are being shortened by the Mayor’s action, there are so many people at their wits end that the stress and anxiety must be taking it’s toll on people’s health; however someone who dies of a heart attack from the stress this has put them under, will just be recorded as that, and not more accurately as death by Khan or death by Mayor. I’ve also heard one person on the radio say they are considering ending their life over this and I have no doubt there will be more, any potential improvements in air quality must be measured against the financial, mental and physical toll it will have on so many hundreds of thousands of people. Khan must be stopped, keep supporting the parliamentary petitions –




    Write to your MP, write to Keir Starmer, write to the Prime Minister, no point in writing to Khan he treats anyone who opposes him with the utmost contempt.

  2. This information has been around for months, so why have the press/polititions not called him out on this, The man is an out an out lair.

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