Time to Kill Off Top Gear?

The Telegraph has reported that the BBC may axe the Top Gear show after the serious accident involving Freddie Flintoff last year. He sustained serious injuries from which he is still recovering. See article here: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/tv/2023/09/11/freddie-flintoff-top-gear-crash-bbc-crisis/

This was not the first time that reckless driving on Top Gear injured a compere with Richard Hammond seriously injured in 2006. But it is surely the case that the programme is well past its retirement date.

It was always a promoter of excess speed and risk taking with only Jeremy Clarkson offsetting that with his wit. But it surely has not been promoting responsible driving. A programme on cars and driving is worth broadcasting as cars are so essential to modern life. But it needs a new formula that discourages the boy racer mentality.

We might see fewer unreasonable attacks on cars and driving, such as 20 mph speed limits, if the programme content was refocussed.

Yes it’s time to kill off Top Gear before someone gets killed.

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