Dulwich LTN in Southwark Borough

One of our contacts has received the following from One Dulwich who are opposing the road closures in the area. It includes a link to a brilliant YouTube video showing the resulting traffic queues:

One Dulwich
Your Action Needed Dear all, Six key issues that need your urgent action this week:

1) Register for the May review If you haven’t already done so, please register for the May review of the current Dulwich LTNs. Our report on ‘Who closed Dulwich Village junction?’, which looks at an earlier review in 2019, raises serious concerns about the Council’s ability to run a public consultation. The process was poor, data was misrepresented, and there is evidence of bias and selective reporting. You can read our News report here. We hope the new review will be fair and transparent. When the Council finally publishes its plans, we’ll analyse the structure of the consultation – and any published data – and share our thoughts with you, in case this is useful before you fill in your response.

2) Where has all the traffic gone? A good visual summary of local traffic displacement can be seen here. Please watch and share.

3) Urgent: your written objections by 16 May Now is the time to make your formal written objections to the Streetspace ETOs on Burbage Road, Dulwich Village, Townley Road and Turney Road that came into force on 16 November. You might want to question the 24/7 closures that gave rise to them, or object to the length and/or timing of the restrictions, safety concerns, or the way these measures have displaced traffic. Please send your objections to traffic.orders@southwark.gov.uk quoting the reference TMO2021-EXP16_LSP Dulwich 2. As always, you can copy in the decision-maker catherine.rose@southwark.gov.uk, highways@southwark.gov.uk and, if you’d like to, onedulwich@gmail.com.

4) The Dulwich Society’s future policy We hear that the Dulwich Society – regularly consulted by the Council on all Dulwich issues – will hold a Special General Meeting on 28 June to discuss its policy on travel and environment. How will the Society position its response to the review in the light of this discussion? If you’re a Dulwich Society member (annual fee £10 per household), please put this date in your diary: more details from secretary@dulwichsociety.com.

5) Posters and leaflets We have teamed up with the Dulwich Alliance to produce leaflets (see www.dulwichalliance.org) and posters objecting to the current road closures. If you’d like to display a poster in your window, please contact dulwichalliance@gmail.com for more details.

6) Please contribute to the fighting fund As part of the Dulwich Alliance, One Dulwich is delighted to see that donations to the fighting fund to produce campaign leaflets and posters, and to progress legal advice, have now reached £12,000. Thank you! Please continue to spread the word. Contact us with queries, offers of help, or new information, via onedulwich@gmail.com. Best wishes and thanks again for your support,   The One Dulwich Team  SUPPORT ONE DULWICH 

Please support the One Dulwich campaign.

Roger Lawson

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Drivers_London

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Extremism in Southwark

The London Borough of Southwark held a cabinet committee meeting last night (20/10/2020). One of the items on the agenda (Item 8) for discussion was petitions that have been submitted about the road closures in Dulwich. There were two petitions considered – the first one which collected 2,475 signatures asked for the immediate removal of the road closures while the second one which supported the closures received 29 signatures. One would have thought that was a pretty conclusive view of public opinion in Dulwich.

Councillor Catherine Rose who is responsible for “Leisure, Environment and Roads” spoke in support of the closures. Her speech was full of platitudes about the need to tackle climate change and reduce air pollution.

The problem that the closures of roads such as Burbage will prevent east-west travel in Dulwich and divert traffic onto the South Circular is being ignored. Businesses in Dulwich village are clearly being adversely affected. It seems unlikely that the closures will be removed soon, if ever.

Item 22 on the agenda was consideration of a report on Air Quality and the recommendations therein. These include:

A – The roll-out of a School Streets programme (i.e. timed road closures near schools).

B – To “drive down” total private vehicle usage by 2030 so that only a few electric vehicles remain.

C – To lobby for expansion of the ULEZ not just to the South Circular but wider – as far as the M25.

D – To increase the cost of car parking, and reduce parking provision by 50%.

E – To implement Low Traffic Neighbourhoods borough wide.

F – To lobby for the introduction of road user charging by the GLA.

These measures, if adopted, will mean the death of the use of motor vehicles in Southwark. Southwark is of course a large borough which stretches from central London to Dulwich in the south. Some parts are much better covered by public transport than others. The needs of those who rely on motor vehicles, or the preferences of those who live in the wealthier parts of the borough are simply being ignored. Those people too old to cycle or walk far are advised to leave the borough, sooner or later.

It is in summary a good example of the extremism that is now pervading the councils of some London boroughs.

You can watch the Cabinet Meeting on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/user/southwarkcouncil

Or read the agenda and supporting documents here: http://moderngov.southwark.gov.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=302&MId=6663

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Drivers_London

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