Park Lane Changes to be Made Permanent. Another Hatchet Job on the Road Network.

Transport for London (TfL) have published a note saying that after reviewing the public consultation responses they have decided to make the changes permanent.
To remind you, Park Lane has always been a major thoroughfare in London. The recent introduction of wide bus and cycle lanes has reduced the road space for all other vehicles and caused congestion as a result (see photo above). What used to be a three-lane highway is now only one.

Park Lane is a key part of the road transport network in central London and has now effectively been downgraded. A few cyclists might have benefited but vehicle users have been seriously disadvantaged. This shows how prejudiced TfL is against vehicle users.

The results of the consultation showed that there was no overall support for the scheme but a lot of opposition. Only 31 per cent of respondents stated general support for the Park Lane scheme and vision while 30 per cent raised concern that the scheme has a negative impact on traffic congestion, including displacement of traffic to other nearby areas; and 22 per cent suggested that it is preferable to cycle in Hyde Park than on Park Lane while 22 per cent suggested to remove the cycle lane and the scheme altogether.

What is the point of doing public consultations when the feedback is simply ignored? This is yet another example of TfL ignoring the views of the majority of road users and implementing proposals that favour the small minority who are cyclists. This scheme should never have been proposed when there were much better alternatives.

For the TfL Consultation Report see

Roger Lawson

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5 thoughts on “Park Lane Changes to be Made Permanent. Another Hatchet Job on the Road Network.

  1. Is there anyway that tfl can be re educated.Are they the guiding force behind Khan or is Khan the head of the snake guiding them.We need to find away of neutralising this madness.the problem with park lane is that the majority of residents are so well off these schemes don’t reall effect there lives but the motorists effected don’t live there so tfl get little to no resistance to there crazy proposals.

    • Khan is the head of the snake and chairs TfL so effectively appoints the management. TfL is full of cycling fanatics and has been ever since Boris Johnson became Mayor and before that we had car-hating Ken Livingstone. The whole of TfL needs reforming.

  2. Our whole societal system has been set up for using cars as a neccessity for our transport system, so dont blame the motorist and go to war with car drivers. These road systems will help to deplete an already dying economy and country that is going down the pan. Where is the common sense here.

  3. Park Lane needs taming, but not like this. It needs to be part of a wider reforming agenda that puts equality among all road-users centre stage, with the vulnerable “more equal than others”. Let us have integration not segregation, and the wholesale scrapping of traffic lights and other restrictive practices. Misguided traffic policy makes life on the roads a danger and a misery, when it could be a safe, peaceable and pleasure.

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