Air Quality Reality Very Different to London Mayor’s Claims

There was an interesting article just published by Shazad Sheikh on measuring air quality in London. He purchased an ELITech Air Monitoring device and used it on the streets of central London and in underground and train stations. The device measures particulates (PM 2.5 and PM10) which are known to be air pollutants that are the most hazardous to health and the results were most interesting – see his article here:

It shows that in general the air quality on the streets is unlikely to be a major health hazard as Sadiq Khan claims but the contrary is true in stations.

Note that the device does not measure NOX gasses but these are unlikely to be a health hazard anyway despite what some people claim because they are easier to measure.

You can purchase one of these devices and test the local air quality in your own neighbourhood which I plan to do (Shazad provides a discount code you can use).

Meanwhile Sadiq Khan ignores the problem of very bad air pollution on London’s underground while wanting to penalise car drivers when they are not a significant problem. This is driven by money considerations of course. He can extract money from drivers with ULEZ schemes while cleaning up underground air quality would cost him money.

The Plan to Stop Driving in London

It is very clear that Sadiq Khan and his supporters in the environmental lobbyists are on a mission to stop all driving in London. This was made clear in a document entitled “Next steps for reducing emissions from road transport” published by TfL last year but not widely publicised – see .

This is a call to stop all CO2 emissions from transport in the name of stopping climate change – an impossible task. The document tries to justify expansion of the ULEZ, charges on all vehicles other than zero emission ones and pay per mile charging on all vehicles. It’s an unscientific attack on the use of road transport in general. Read it and be horrified by what is planned!

Only removing Sadiq Khan and the current management of TfL will stop, this unjustified attempt to change our way of life.

Meanwhile the hearing in the High Court of the judicial review challenging the ULEZ expansion commences today (see ). It could be some weeks before a judgement is given and the outcome is uncertain.

Roger Lawson


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3 thoughts on “Air Quality Reality Very Different to London Mayor’s Claims

  1. If my car has a MOT, then it has been checked that it is not “Filthy” as Comrade Khan would like us to believe., It may not be able to match the very newest vehicles, but it has still passed its emission test. Why should some Mayor, who I can not even vote for (I do not live in London) then decide I cannot drive on roads that I have helped pay for! Its my Capital city as well

  2. I think Sadik Khan & others are on a mission to destroy London,They
    do not give a monkeys about working people.We have got to stop them.

  3. It is obvious that it is impossible to fight the “green mafia” (somewhere they call them that) with petitions and appeals.
    But there is another way – to demand an independent audit to investigate:
    1. What are the reasons for the constant strikes and collapse of public transport in London?
    2. How much money has been siphoned off from citizens in the form of Congestion Charge (Corruption Charge) and fines for non-existent offences?
    3. How many streets in London are partially or fully “temporarily” closed without work on the bogus road repairs for months or even years?
    4. How much was paid for road repairs, how much labor and materials were paid for and how much was actually used? Is there money laundering through fake road repairs?
    5. Isn’t it high time that traffic fines were paid by those who cause them by blocking OUR streets, insane and illogical road infrastructure decisions?
    6. Isn’t this a way to CREATE a TFL MONOPOLY on our lives and no one can leave their homes unless they pay to the TFL (Terror For London)?

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