Two Petitions We Supported to be Debated in Parliament

The two petitions are requesting the revoking of powers to charge for CAZ, LEZ and ULEZ schemes and amend the 1999 GLA Act to remove the Mayor of London’s powers to impose road user charging.

Both petitions got enough signatures to justify debates in Parliament which will take place on the 26th June. Please encourage your MP to attend and give their views.

These may appear to be technical matters but this legislation has enabled local councils and Sadiq Khan to raise very large amounts of tax which are totally unjustified.

Don’t let MPs fob you off with excuses about the need to cut traffic congestion and save the planet from global warming by cutting vehicle emissions. It’s all about money, not the environment.

You should be able to watch the debates on the Parliament TV BBC Channel.

Roger Lawson


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4 thoughts on “Two Petitions We Supported to be Debated in Parliament

  1. Hear, hear. The government should have taken this power away many months ago. How can it be that central government can charge, say, £170 a year for the right to drive your car anywhere in the country but London’s mayor can then add his own tax of over £4,000 a year to drive in your own local area.

  2. Great work.the soone Khan is out the better meanwhile actions like this will hopefully stop his madness and self imposement.

  3. There is a very interesting opinion that compares a large city like London to a living organism where the road network is the circulatory system.
    Our city is DYING! London’s veins and arteries are clogged with man-made “cholesterol plaques” and cancerous tumours and metastases.

    We don’t have streets like a modern European city deserves. In their place has been created some disgusting mix of potholes and shoddy patches.
    Our streets resemble some very run-down Asian province.
    For many years nothing new and quality has been built in London. Most of the work on our streets is cosmetic only. For now, he is only repairing what others have built before him, and with cheap materials and shoddy work.

    A not-so-successful lawyer who has studied the Charter of Human Rights well enough to violate them with impunity terrorizes our city of 10 million and has a shark’s instinct for easy money.
    The same one who, during the second lockdown, forcibly pushed the nurses into the TFL virus farm and decided to fine those of them who did not want to get infected.
    We do not need an administration that builds nothing and destroys what others before them have built.
    We don’t need an administration that sees us Londoners as walking wallets or bank accounts to be emptied.

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