Howard Cox Standing for Mayor of London

Howard Cox has announced that he will be the Reform Party candidate for Mayor of London next May. As the founder of FairFuelUK which has been very active in promoting the interests of motorists, with successful campaigns, he should give Sadiq Khan a good challenge.

Mr Cox has promised to scrap the ULEZ scheme and LTNs. He will certainly get my vote and surely stands a good chance of getting a significant proportion of the votes of Londoners, particularly in outer London.

Telegraph article:

 Roger Lawson


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4 thoughts on “Howard Cox Standing for Mayor of London

  1. He has my full support, (sadly not living in the London area I cannot even vote for a person that has so much influence on my life) let us hope people get off their backsides and vote, as ALL those in Parliament at present do not see the private car as a legitimate form of transport !
    Khan is always seen alighting from a fleet of Range Rovers, so it is just another attack on the low income members of society and as the worlds most slowest/congested city lets scrap the ‘Downton Abbey’ era, speed limit of 20mph!

  2. Sadiq Khan’s job is to fill a party coffers with our money. There is no way there isn’t a procedure for him to be returned to his failing law practice. Impeachment, a judicial inquiry into the still unannounced bankruptcy of TFL, a referendum of Londoners. Let’s STOP HIM before he takes us back to the caveman age.

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