ULEZ Consultation Results Leaked

The Daily Telegraph has obtained a report on the consultation results on expansion of the ULEZ to outer London. It revealed that two thirds of the respondents oppose the expansion.

This was leaked in advance of a formal report on the results. The Telegraph article suggests that the figures are being “massaged” by excluding some responses.

London Assembly Member Nick Rogers, transport spokesman for the Conservatives, said: “Sadiq Khan’s Ulez expansion would have had a negligible effect on air quality, but would have been devastating for small businesses and low income families.

I am not surprised that an overwhelming 66pc voted against his cost of living charge, which will force him to drop the policy. Londoners will be shocked by the Telegraph’s revelations on the Ulez expansion consultation.

Sadiq Khan must reassure them by confirming he will now scrap the Ulez expansion and address the serious integrity concerns raised by the investigation.”

Comment: This is a consultation not a poll so Sadiq Khan can ignore the result if he does not like it. As a dictator he is very likely to do that.

Telegraph article here: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2022/09/30/leak-reveals-two-thirds-londoners-oppose-expansion-ultra-low/

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4 thoughts on “ULEZ Consultation Results Leaked

  1. Unbelievable that the unneeded expansion of ULEZ is even being considered at this time of economic chaos. Self-righteous Khan will ignore public opposition. Central government must intervene,

  2. It is appalling that the Mayor of London should have ‘any Dictator rights’ in opposition to public opinion against the ULEZ or for that matter any other idiotic policy!

  3. In reality, the ULEZ levy is a hidden poverty tax. Mr SK punishes the poor for it, that they don’t have an extra 30,000 pounds for a new car. So it will be as long as the elections for mayor of London are done with a pencil and the votes are counted by the same people.

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