15 MPH Limits in London Blocked

A proposal from the City of London Corporation for 15 mph speed limits in the City have been blocked by central Government. The Department for Transport (DfT)  said it would be hard to enforce such a limit as not all cars have speedometers marked with 5 mph markings and speedometers are not accurate enough.

The City Corporation is still planning to put up 15 mph limit signs but they can legally be ignored.

Comment: This is an enormous waste of money as traffic in the City rarely exceeds 15 mph. At least someone in the DfT has some common sense. Putting up signs would not have made any difference to road safety figures.     But we still have Transport for London (TfL) imposing 20 mph speed limits on main roads in London which is slowing traffic and is totally unnecessary plus widely ignored. Driving even at 20 mph consistently is not at all easy in modern cars so it’s just another imposition on drivers by the cycling fanatics in TfL who seem to wish everyone slowed down to their speed.

There is no evidence that putting up 20 mph speed limit signs has any road safety benefit.

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1 thought on “15 MPH Limits in London Blocked

  1. Another idiotic proposal like those from the Mayor of London, completely unrealistic, just to show they have power to control us! Lower speeds mean lower gears equals MORE POLUTION. Engines need to run at their most efficient optimum speed.

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