Southwark Ignores Dulwich Objections

The London Borough of Southwark undertook a consultation on the Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) in Dulwich implemented via Temporary Traffic Orders. Over two thirds of people responding objected and wanted the closures removed. There were particularly strong objections to the closure of the central junction in Dulwich Village.

But the council is now proposing to make the changes permanent with Permanent Traffic Management Orders.

This is a massive abuse of democracy which will be very damaging to everyone who needs to use a vehicle to get around Dulwich. Please make sure you object by sending an email to quoting the following Traffic Orders:

1.       Dulwich Streetspace: Calton Avenue area (TMO2122-015_DS Calton Avenue area)

2.       Dulwich Streetspace: Champion Hill (TMO2122-016_DS Champion Hill)

3.       Dulwich Streetspace: East Dulwich area (TMO2122-017_DS East Dulwich area)

4.       Dulwich Streetspace: Melbourne Grove south (TMO2122-018_DS Melbourne Grove south)

5.       Dulwich Streetspace: Timed bus, cycle and taxi only routes (TMO2122-019_DS bus cycle taxi routes)

Please note that no. 3 covers Derwent Grove, Elsie Road, Grove Vale and Tintagel Crescent, and no. 5 covers Burbage Road, Dulwich Village, Townley Road and Turney Road.

Objections are best in your own words but clearly these closures will result in longer journeys for many people, causing delays and effectively destroying the road network. They are prejudicial to the elderly or disabled and those who provide services in the area. They are unjustified on any cost/benefit basis and it is wrong to ignore the wishes of the population.

Just make sure you reference the Traffic Management Orders above.


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