City Corporation Response to Draft Transport Strategy

I have covered the City of London’s draft Transport Strategy before – see . I called it a stinker because it is an aggressive attack on most forms of road transport with a 15-mph speed limit proposed across the Square Mile, a zero-emission standard for all vehicles and road closures.

We have now submitted a formal response to the public consultation which covers our objections in detail – see

It’s a good example of how the Mayor of London’s Transport Strategy is being followed in the local boroughs and how it is corrupting London’s road transport network. The policies promoted are simply irrational, will not work and fail to cope with the increasing population and business activity in the City.

You can still respond to the public consultation which closes on the 13th January. Go here to do so: or send an email to


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1 thought on “City Corporation Response to Draft Transport Strategy

  1. The pie charts shown on the ugov website (T.F.L.) give the empresion that road traffic figures are worse than they really are. The pie chart for motor vehicles shown on the right only represents 50% of the total pollution in London. If they were shown as part of the main pie chart on the left, it could be seen that the figure for disuel cars is only just over half of that coursed by burning natural gas. The figure for motor bikes is only 0.5% of total.

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