30 MPH Limit on the A40

We have received a number of complaints about the temporary 30-mph speed limit imposed on the A40 between the Target Roundabout and the Greenford Flyover. It was previously 50 mph and there seems to be no obvious reason for the new limit. This limit was put in place on the 15th December 2017 so has now been present for many months.

The justification is apparently that some corrosion of the central safety barrier was noticed so there were “safety concerns”. But according to Transport for London (TfL), “until we have the funding in place and contractors are able to reschedule the works, we are still unable to provide you with a timetable when normal speeds will resume”. But they are “hopeful” that the works will be completed soon.

Those affected by this matter should consider complaining to TfL. A limit of 30-mph on this stretch of road is unnatural and with speed cameras enforcing the limit it seems unnecessary even if the barriers are not as good as they might be.

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3 thoughts on “30 MPH Limit on the A40

  1. I have travelled along this stretch once or twice.  First, I can’t see any reason why the speed limit will make the road more safe (except for people who wish to drive into the crash barriers to see how strong they are).  Even so, what is the evidence that 40 mph is unsafe whereas 30 mph is safe???  ALso, it was my understanding that the Highway Code specifies that, where a temporary limit is imposed, it must be in units of 20 mph so that 30 mph is not legal (I can’t find the reference).  When they reduced the limit on the A406 towards the Chiswick Flyover due to roadworks, the speed limit was reduced from 40 mph to 20 mph!!!!  This, of course, was totally and universally ignored.  A final point (not that I hope it is relevant) is that such temporary speed limits can be in place no longer than 18 months).  I had a huge fight with DTp some years ago when they imposed a temporary 30 mph limit on the flyover at Fiveways Corner (M1 J2) due to “safety concerns”.  Eventually, they conceded it was illegal and removed it.

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  2. The 30 mph speed limit creates dangers by causing unnecessary congestion as drivers brake and as a result of tailgating by drivers who know there are no road works and therefore think it’s ok to ignore the limit

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