Transgender Pedestrian Lights

ave all seen those red or green lights indicating when pedestrians can cross a road or junction. Normally they show a stationary red person, or a green walking person. Whether they are male or female is not obvious.

But since June, TfL have been installing “diversity” pedestrian lights – perhaps to support those confused about their own sexuality. But if anything they are just confusing ordinary members of the public who have no idea what the symbols mean.

See the photograph below that shows one of the lights in Trafalgar Square, but there are various designs of male, female and mixed symbols.



There is of course one thing wrong with this gesture. The design of pedestrian lights was previously laid down in the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2015 document which had legal force (available on the web). But the 2016 version does not appear to contain the same definitions. Is this a case of TfL using a new found discretion to use alternative signs? If so it is a mistake. Traffic signs should not be subject to gesture politics but should be consistent so that they are clear, not misleading and safe to follow.

Roger Lawson

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