New Chislehurst CPZ

Bromley Council is pushing ahead with a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) in central Chislehurst. According to a letter they have distributed from a survey they did of residents 77% supported the introduction of a CPZ and they now plan to extend the area covered to even more roads.

As we have repeatedly said in the past, CPZs do not solve parking problems, particularly when it is resident’s own cars that are filling up the roads (as in the picture above of Albany Road). See this page of our web site for more information on CPZs:

Of course as always the Council has a financial interest in promoting CPZs. Residents will be paying £100 per annum initially but no doubt more in future as once in place the charges always go up over time.

Bromley residents can see the wide area to be covered and respond to the public consultation here:

Roger Lawson


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