The Latest Accident on Chislehurst Commons

Last week saw yet another accident at the white spot roundabout in the centre of Chislehurst Commons (on Centre Common Road) – see the aftermath in the photo.



This junction has been the scene of numerous accidents over the years, some involving serious injury. Typically vehicles approach from two right angle directions at the same time and one does not give way to the other – indeed it seems likely they do not see the other vehicle or recognise it is a junction.

Several attempts have been made by Bromley Council to rearrange the approach roads, and signage, but nothing has worked. The only real solution is surely to remove the junction by rearranging the roads over the Commons. This indeed is part of a proposal from the Council which is under discussion with the Commons Trustees whose permission is required for any changes but they seem reluctant to support it even though they would gain more “green” space.

The latest accident even involved a Transport for London (TfL) vehicle as can be seen in the photograph which might help to get their support for finance to tackle this issue.

Roger Lawson