Sadiq Khan Lied Over Emissions

We all know Sadiq Khan is a consistent liar but a draft report from the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) confirms exactly that.  A total of 578 people contacted the ASA to “challenge” TfL (Transport for London) to prove its claims about the impact of the ULEZ, which were broadcast and published between January and June this year. The advertising watchdog’s recommendations state that two complaints about two radio adverts and one in a newspaper should be upheld.


There is no doubt that the information published by TfL and Sadiq Khan prior to the public consultation on expansion of the ULEZ was grossly misleading. The health benefit from expansion of the ULEZ is negligible but the financial cost will be enormous. Costs of £2.7 billion over the last 5 years on TfL charges on motorists have already been incurred which will rise even higher in the next couple of years – see

It’s time we had a new London Mayor who is more financially competent and does not rely on motorists to bail TfL out from reckless mismanagement of public transport finances.  

Roger Lawson


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3 thoughts on “Sadiq Khan Lied Over Emissions

  1. Surely there must be a chink in Kahns armour he cannot and should not be allowed to lie without being punished in some way preferably stripped from office .

  2. My Nissan note does 67 mpg around town zero tax stop start engine, twice a good as my partners car yet not good enough for Mr Khan who puts age before pollution, just don’t make sense, going to give my car away as I do drive in ulez twice a week and going to have to use our more polluting car.

  3. Sadiq Khan’s every word is a lie.
    Its objective is:

    He has given NOTHING to our city.
    His only way to “give” something is if he first took it from us and then sells it to us.

    Look at what a desperate condition the streets of London have been reduced to. Nothing new has been built, a lot has been destroyed, and what was built by others before it is only being repaired, and that poorly.
    For Mr. Kahn, our streets are an easy money machine. He has imagined that the streets of London are HIS PERSONAL property and we slaves must pay him to graciously allow us to use them.
    Its LOGO is:
    Every MONEY (jorney) mater!
    and he will go on like this until he has squeezed everything out of us.
    and he will go on like this until he has squeezed everything out of us.
    He wants to create a TFL MONOPOLY over OUR lives and so he is taking us back to Serfdom when SLAVES OR PEASANTS had no right to personal transportation.
    Owning your own transport WAS ONLY a privilege of the FREE PEOPLE.
    These streets were built and maintained with OUR taxes, and no one can impose NEW taxes on us to replenish the budget they have spent because of their incompetence.
    We don’t need an administrator who only takes and gives nothing in return.
    We don’t need a man who views us citizens as walking wallets (bank accounts) that temporarily carry HIS MONEY.

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