The War on the Motorist and New A20 Speed Limit

It has been widely reported that Rishi Sunak is to announce new motorist-friendly policies that might inhibit the introduction of more LTNs, restrict more 20 mph speed limits and times of bus lanes might be relaxed. On BBC Radio Manchester he argued that prioritising driving was the best policy as the vast majority of journeys are made by car. He has that right at least so why are we spending billions of pounds on HS2 which will be used by very few people? It should surely be scrapped.

Mark Harper, Transport Minister, said this on Twitter: ”Too often the private car is vilified by Labour politicians and sneered at by the metropolitan bubble, when it has been one of the most powerful forces for personal freedom & economic growth”. But will this fine rhetoric which will no doubt be lapped up at the Conservative Party Conference this week be followed up by action to control local councillors who introduce silly speed limits. Or Sadiq Khan in London or Mark Drakeford in Wales (petition against default 20 limit in Wales now has more than 450,000 signatures but is still being ignored!).

More details in this Government statement:

If the Conservatives follow through on this agenda it will certainly win them some votes.

A20 Speed Limits

Meanwhile the latest imposition of an unreasonable speed limit has been imposed in the last few days on the A20 between Crittalls Corner in Sidcup and the BP service station/McDonalds before the Swanley M25 junction (eastbound only). The speed limit has been reduced to 40 from 70 and signs for average speed cameras put up and 40 repeater signs also so presumably this is a permanent change. It is unknown why this change has been made although it has been suggested that it is due to road flooding which requires some work on the road which may not be done until May 2024. However it is a ridiculously low speed limit for such a dual-carriageway.

The country is grinding to a halt because of unreasonable speed limits which will mean enormous numbers of drivers will get fines even when driving at safe speeds.


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6 thoughts on “The War on the Motorist and New A20 Speed Limit

  1. We need to remove the powers that councils enjoy and have stuff like this put to a vote,if the powers that be can’t use common sense.

  2. Does anyone know when the fixed camera just Oposite the Nuffield health Center going coast bound on the A20 was changed to 40mph and when it went live ?

  3. Does anyone know when the fixed camera on the coast bound a20 Oposite the Nuffield health Center was changed to 40mph and when it went live ? Cheers

  4. It makes absolutely no sense in reducing from 70 to 40mph. Which genius thought of that? Funny how there is no money to fix pot holes yet cameras for catching the motorist seem to be er3cted with no money issues whatsoever 
    . The A20 is a dual carriageway no residents! This needs to be reversed!

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