London Parking Penalty Charges

London Councils have launched a public consultation on proposed increases in penalty charges for parking and moving traffic offences. Needless to say they think they should be increased but they don’t provide any evidence to support any change. Most such infringements take place accidentally and the charges are already high enough to deter misuse.

Parking penalty charges have increased rapidly in recent years as London boroughs have tried to maximise their income. The charges should be reduced not increased and there should be no additional penalty for appealing.

Go here to submit a response to the consultation:

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3 thoughts on “London Parking Penalty Charges

  1. This all back dates to the then Labour government giving powers to local councils to raise revenue any way they see fit (fineing people for mistakenly droping a piece of paper), so we are now being screwed by central and local government, Its time to kick them into touch.

  2. Earlier this year the Government allowed all Councils nationwide to keep all monies collected from ‘moving traffic offences’ for themselves, instead of going to the Treasury. A system that has been going on in London for many years — Leveling-up(?).
    Of course this means that Councils are now less prone in asking central government for more funding because they can generate their own income at the expense of drivers! So a bit of a double win for those hating motorised transport.

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