ULEZ is a Money Making Scheme

Expanding the ULEZ scheme in London is not about improving health or the environment, it’s about generating cash for the Mayor. This was reinforced by an article published by the BBC today which reports that the  Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) generated more than £224m last year. That will increase substantially from August 29th when the ULEZ is expanded.

Data obtained by the BBC has found that roughly a third of the money came from penalty charge notices (PCNs), with the rest from daily charge payments. Transport for London (TfL) says the money is used to cover “set-up costs” for the ULEZ expansion and “running and improving” the rest of the network.

Through data obtained via a freedom of information request, the BBC has found ULEZ generated £224,633,003 in 2022, an average of £18.7m a month. Money came in through two streams: daily charges and PCNs.

It emphasises the importance of registering for the Autopay system to ensure you don’t forget to pay (see https://tfl.gov.uk/modes/driving/auto-pay ) which generally works well even if you live outside London and only visit occasionally.

Sadiq Khan may get kicked out of office, lose the judicial review going through the courts or have his cameras destroyed by vigilantes opposed to the scheme but no need to rely on that happening in the short-term.  

BBC Article: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-65778065

Roger Lawson

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3 thoughts on “ULEZ is a Money Making Scheme

  1. What’s even worse, I have received a fine for a car that is ULEZ compliant. When you search the number plate online it saying it is compliant. I have emailed using the contact on the fines website. They then send me a letter in the post asking me to prove that my car is ULEZ compliant, nothing to do with their 2 systems are out of date. Then on this letter there is no email to reply to. So they are asking me to send a letter back to them and print out all the evidence they have asked for and send this back in the post to them. No returns envelope was included. “Saving the planet my ars*” MONEY MAKING SCHEME YES

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