It’s Not Easy Buying a New Car

I mentioned in a previous blog post that I was considering the purchase of a new car. Easier said than done.

I talked to the local Jaguar dealer but they have few second-hand cars in stock and if you want a new XF they are still making them but there is a 6 month to a year delivery time (and no guarantee on the time).

Arranging a demonstration of other vehicles seems difficult also. Searching Auto Trader for a fairly new low mileage Jaguar does not help either, particularly if you want one that is not a black colour and not located at the other end of the country.

I might have to look at a BMW instead.

This apparently is a problem for many makes partly due to semi-conductor shortages and a shortage of second-hand vehicles.  

You can see why Jaguar are in some difficulty. Product range now focussed on very expensive electric SUVs and not reasonably priced petrol or hybrid vehicles. They seem unable to produce vehicles that people want to buy!

Roger Lawson


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2 thoughts on “It’s Not Easy Buying a New Car

  1. Yes the whole situation is a complete mess as we have become completely dependent on ‘imports’ due to the failure of British business eg CBI to make anything or design anything saleable in the UK. This has been made worse by successive government policy to ‘buy cheap’ and not back British enterprise!

  2. I suggest you buy a Lexus RX. I’m on my third and they are great motors, rarely are there problems with them. From 1983 to 2014 I drove Jaguars and I loved them but there was always something going wrong with them. Then I bought my first RX and spent nothing on it other than servicing and consumables (tyres, brake pads and such) and that has proved true of my subsequent RXs.

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