ULEZ Legal Case and Potholes

As has been widely reported in the national media, a judge in the High Court has approved a full judicial review hearing of the case brought by 5 London Boroughs against the ULEZ expansion. But only on two of the five grounds put forward. The defective and misleading public consultation is not going to be considered which is disappointing. But it is a step forward nevertheless.

The case is likely to be heard in July. Sadiq Khan has vowed to push ahead with implementation including the installation of the thousands of extra enforcement cameras. So he could be wasting a lot of money, but that’s the way he manages the finances of TfL.

I happened to take a trip down the M20 today. There are so many potholes on the road between the M25 junction and West Malling that it really should not be considered fit to be called a motorway. I have complained to National Highways (see  https://report.nationalhighways.co.uk/report/new?longitude=0.195740&latitude=51.387968). I suggest other people who use the road do likewise.

Even when the road is repaired it is not done properly so the potholes soon reappear. This is a problem nationally on motorways and major roads and also on local roads that are the responsibility of local councils (in London in the boroughs – who often use “Fix My Street” services – for Bromley see: https://fix.bromley.gov.uk/ ).

Even Bromley who have been good a fixing reported problems in previous years have got substantially worse in doing so of late.

If your vehicle is damaged from hitting a pothole you can submit a financial claim if someone has previously reported it so it is important to report all such problems!

P.S. There is a petition on Change.org on this subject which is worth signing – see https://chng.it/pndpFWqwTR

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