ULEZ – Mayor Gets Tough But Legal Case Pursued by Boroughs

The BBC have reported that Sadiq Khan has given the London boroughs opposed to the ULEZ expansion an ultimatum to agree to the installation of enforcement cameras by today or he will push ahead regardless. He claims he has the legal powers to install them. But do local councils have powers to remove them in that case?

Meanwhile the boroughs of Bexley, Bromley, Hillingdon and Harrow say they will not consent and have filed a pre-action protocol letter in anticipation of a judicial review citing these grounds:

1) They said the mayor exceeded his powers by treating the new zone as a “variation” of the existing ULEZ rather than presenting and consulting on a fresh stand-alone plan; 2) They are challenging City Hall’s estimates of how many people will be affected, along with financial analysis including the claim the new zone will raise £200m in its first year; and 3) The councils also claimed it was unlawful to exclude people living outside the capital – but driving inside – from the scrappage scheme that compensates people for getting rid of their polluting vehicles.

See https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-64485157

Comment: These claims may be correct but they need to put forward a much stronger case in my view if the ULEZ expansion is to be defeated. In summary the expansion is irrational, not justified on any cost/benefit analysis and the public consultation on it was fraudulent.

Roger Lawson

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3 thoughts on “ULEZ – Mayor Gets Tough But Legal Case Pursued by Boroughs

  1. He should just stand down now as he and his team around him have lied and been undemocratic with the expansion of ULEZ and the whole thing is an injustice to the people of London and surrounding areas.It’s about raising money from misery and nothing more and as mayor his there for the people not his own arrogant Ego.All cars would be compliant in 2 years so it will be a congestion charge in the future for TFL to waste on large bonuses for the top and not infrastructure.I’m personally starting to hate the people in power in our country as it seems they wish to push there ideology on us and we’re is the democracy in that.

  2. Sadik Khan knows the people who live in these areas do not want
    ULEZ..He is acting like a dictator. He must not be allowed to do what he wants.

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