Campaigns Against ULEZ Expansion Increasing

The activities of campaigns against the expansion of the ULEZ to outer London are growing as people realise the financial impact it will have.

There is an active Facebook group named “Action Against ULEZ Extension” which you can join and they are promoting a demonstration in Trafalgar Square on the 28th January (Saturday) at 12.00 noon. Please attend if you can.

[Postscript: The Trafalgar Square event has had to be postponed due to concerns about security. We will advise any new date on this blog when available].

Gareth Bacon, MP for Orpington has been active in promoting opposition in South-East London, and Paul Scully, Conservative MP for Sutton and Cheam, is now raising donations to fund an opposition campaign – see:!/

Paul says “This new tax will hit thousands of hardworking people and small businesses, just when they can least afford it”. He’s certainly right there and remember it will have negligible impact on air quality. It’s just another tax to bail out Sadiq Khan’s financial mismanagement.

Roger Lawson


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1 thought on “Campaigns Against ULEZ Expansion Increasing

  1. Iam a small business and struggling to financially keep up with the ever changing updates . It seems a though it’s another excuse for the mayor to bail himself out again . There is no proof .

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