The Financial Lunacy of the ULEZ Expansion

The London Evening Standard have published a good article highlighting the financial lunacy of the ULEZ scheme. By 2027 they suggest that the scheme will generate zero income even though it will cost £160 million to implement the expansion.

TfL might recover the £160m in the first year from charges but the vehicle population will rapidly become compliant and after that the cost of running the scheme might exceed income from charges on non-compliant vehicles and fines.

Of course that assumes that the vehicle standards remain the same but don’t bet on that! The Mayor could use the new cameras to impose a London-wide charging scheme on all vehicles which is clearly his ambition.

The article also reports that some boroughs may try to frustrate operation by blocking the erection of cameras which no doubt many residents of the outer London boroughs will welcome.

Comment: This is yet another example of the financial incompetence of Sadiq Khan. Spending money to enable the collection of more taxes is just another financial imposition on London residents that will increase the cost of living.

Remember there is no significant improvement in air quality from the ULEZ expansion. It’s just a money-making scheme.

Evening Standard article:

Roger Lawson


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