Rishi Sunak Criticises ULEZ Expansion and Scrappage Scheme Announced

At Prime Minister’s Question Time Rishi Sunak said Sadiq Khan should “listen to the public” and scrap the planned expansion of the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) to all of London. He also said that it is the “overwhelming” view of London residents that the levy should not be expanded.

My response on twitter was “Rishi Sunak and the Government have the power to stop the ULEZ expansion so why don’t they do so?”.

Scrappage Scheme

Meanwhile TfL have announced some details of a scrappage scheme to help some owners of non-ULEZ compliant vehicles. See https://tfl.gov.uk/modes/driving/ultra-low-emission-zone/scrappage-schemes

But it’s unlikely to help many people. Only those car owners receiving social security benefits or are registered disabled will qualify and the maximum grant is £2,000. You can’t buy a new car, or even a decent second-hand one for that money!

It may help sole traders, small businesses and charities with old diesel vans and buses where the allowance is higher.

There is also a mention of some vehicles which might qualify for a “retrofit” that will make them compliant but it seems unlikely to be of use to most owners of older diesel cars. However you can register an interest in a retrofit solution for your vehicle.

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6 thoughts on “Rishi Sunak Criticises ULEZ Expansion and Scrappage Scheme Announced

  1. Why is it that down here in London and the outerlimits of what Mr Sadiq Khan classes as London suburbs, ie the outer kentish towns Sidcup, Crayford etc we are all standing for it. Up in Manchester people have complained enough and it still is not being enforced,even though all the sign’s and camera’s have been installed. I live in the Dartford area and as from August 29th 2023 I will need to pay to go shopping in cetain shops where we go for goods. That date is a great date for it as a wedding anniversary present from him. I will not even be able to go and visit my family members as I will then need to pay £12.50 to go and visit.
    My address is a KENT one and NOT a LONDON one why should I have to pay this and why do all the other residents in these outer so called London? Kentish Town have to pay it. We cannot even get to vote on who gets to be the Mayor of London. Dartford has it’s own Mayor and Mr Khan has the right to override his thought’s this is wrong, and I am a pensioner I cannot afford to change my vehicle and I cannot afford his ULEZ levy.
    Sorry for my rant but that’s how I feel, I spent 50 years working and paying all my due’s and I get a pittance of a pension, which is a fraction of a propper living wage, I get a month’s pension what I used to earn in a week that’s if I didn’t do any overtime.

  2. Ulez and all the charges are are con it just controls the masses and nothing for road user. Lines the pockets of the controllers at the detriment of the masses.

  3. If the ULEZ expansion was really about air quality he could just ban non-compliant vehicles from entering the zone. It is about money – only the better off will be able to drive within the zone! Shameful!

  4. Of course the better off will be able to afford it. And it will clear the roads so that they will be able to use their gas-guzzling cars without holdups because it will clear the roads for them!

  5. It’s all a con . State off our country. Cost living. We not even living at moment and cost off new van . It doesn’t warrant a new van . And state off roads . What tax for on our car. Crooks government. Robbing hood had a mask

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