Park Lane Consultation

Transport for London (TfL) have launched a public consultation on the changes made to Park Lane. This road has always been a key road through central London to avoid more congested areas. But the introduction of bus and cycle lanes has reduced the road space for all other vehicles and caused congestion as a result (see photo above). What used to be a three-lane highway is now only one.

A cycle lane is also unnecessary as there is a cycle path in parallel in the Park itself which would be both more convenient and more pleasant for cyclists. There is no benefit to pedestrians in these changes.

This is another example of the prejudice against cars and vans while cyclists and buses get priority

Please go here to respond to the consultation and make sure you object:

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2 thoughts on “Park Lane Consultation

  1. Absolutely brainless idea . More pollution, more time on journeys for people who have to use a vehicle to earn a living . This road borders the Conjestion are . Who could ever think this would be beneficial.

  2. Why do we have to put up with this continual harassment and dictatorship from jumped up officialdom. Don’t they recognise that:-

    slow speed + low gear = MORE POLLUTION !

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