Park Lane Cycle Lane To Be Made Permanent?

I have received an email from TfL concerning the Park Lane scheme which was introduced in 2020 as an emergency response to the Covid epidemic. The latest email tries to justify making the scheme permanent and says “there is a strong case for less motor traffic and more space for walking and cycling along Park Lane including at Hyde Park Corner and Marble Arch”.

It rejects the argument that cyclists can ride through the park because that is “inconvenient for people on foot using the park….”. It looks like TfL have already made up their mind to make the scheme permanent although they do say there will be another public consultation in the autumn.

Comment: Park Lane is a key route for north-south traffic in London and has always been a major road – it used to have a 40 mph speed limit now reduced to 20 mph. The scheme as introduced has created a lot of unnecessary traffic congestion when the number of cyclists using the cycle lane is very small.

In reality a small number of cyclists are being favoured while thousands of vehicle users are being prejudiced.

You can read what TfL have said about this scheme and their latest missive on this web page:

Note: the latest email from Fraser MacDonald, Strategic Consultations Lead, does not contain his contact information. This is symptomatic of the approach of TfL management who do not want to receive any feedback on their statements. Appallingly undemocratic.

Photo above is of Park Lane opposite Stanhope Gate in the August Bank Holiday week from a TfL camera showing a queue of slow-moving traffic in mid-morning. Totally unnecessary but due to the road being reduced to one lane.

Roger Lawson


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