Bromley Council Opposes ULEZ Expansion

Bromley Council Opposes ULEZ Expansion

The London Borough of Bromley has opposed the expansion of the ULEZ to cover the borough and have condemned it as a “cynical tax raid against the borough’s residents”.

Councillor Colin Smith, Leader of Bromley Council, said, “Quite simply, this proposal is wrong on just about every level and is really about paving the way for the introduction of road charging taxes across the whole of London by stealth.

Our borough already has amongst, if not actually the best air quality levels in London, and if this were truly about improving air quality even further, which we obviously support, those responsible would be thinking far harder in terms of broadening the scrappage scheme for non-compliant vehicles and accelerating the roll out of green vehicle charging points and buses”.

You can read his full response to the consultation on ULEZ expansion here:

Comment: The Council’s response is well argued and basically says that the Council is already doing a good job of minimising and reducing air pollution while the expansion of the ULEZ to cover outer London will not significantly help and will be very costly for many residents.

Expansion of the ULEZ to outer London will hit those with older vehicles hard which are generally the poorer segment of the population. A good article on this subject was published by the Daily Telegraph here: . It’s a symptom of Mayor Sadiq Khan’s hatred of cars despite the fact that public transport in outer London cannot be relied on and many people drive into the outer boroughs from surrounding counties for employment and shopping.

Expansion of the ULEZ makes no economic sense – the money involved would be better spent on other measures to reduce air pollution which is already very low in boroughs such as Bromley.


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7 thoughts on “Bromley Council Opposes ULEZ Expansion

  1. Fantastic article, I hope and pray the Ulez expansion is not approved. It is just another tax on people who can least afford it.

  2. All Khan’s statements show that his mind is made up to extend ULEZ whatever the consultation results. Khan has foolishly been given the power to do this by central government and now central government must act quickly to take the power away before Khan spends hundreds of millions setting up his surveillance system and imposes hundreds of millions more costs on mainly less well off motorists. Bromley Council must act with other interested boroughs to put maximum pressure on ministers to prevent the extension of ULEZ.

    Only a mad zealot would seek to extend ULEZ in the middle of an economic crisis but Khan clearly is one.

    • Absolutely. As an ‘outer borough resident’ I oppose this exalted power that the Mayor of London insists in forcing through unwanted policy. Why do we have a succession of ‘weak governments’ to oppose this?

  3. My MP has emailed me that it is ‘official conservative policy’ to stop ULEZ and Kahn’s unpopular rushed policy with TFL.

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