Petition Against ULEZ Expansion

Gareth Bacon, Member of Parliament for Orpington, has created a petition you can sign against the expansion of the ULEZ to the rest of London.

He points out that anyone driving an older car will be charged £12.50 per day if Sadiq Khan gets his way.  He says that when household bills are rising due to inflation and global supply problems, the Mayor’s plan will hit the poorest in our community hardest. It will punish people, small businesses, and charities who cannot afford a new vehicle to raise money for Sadiq Khan’s failing administration.

He says he will do everything he can to stop Khan’s plan.

Signing the petition below will help stop the Mayor’s plan by showing the level of opposition to the expansion of ULEZ.

Sign the petition here: and stop Sadiq Khan’s new tax. And please share it with friends.

Roger Lawson


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16 thoughts on “Petition Against ULEZ Expansion

  1. Khan is destroying British transport heritage by his proposal. The needs of Greater London are different from central London. This proposal is a direct attack on family life in the suburbs. How does Khan expect pensioners to find ‘thousands of pounds’ to convert to electric? The conversion would be 35,000 GBP for my ‘historic vehicles’..

  2. A sledgehammer to crack a nut, or so it seems. I bought my 15 year old BMW 5 Series Diesel in good faith as it was deemed to be the less polluting option fuel wise and being an estate gave me room to transport my mobility scooter, as I’m an arthritis suffer and have limited mobility. However it is now a “Dirty Diesel” and must be banished from our roads! So as an 80 year old pensioner I’m faced with the prospect of having to sell my now, worthless car and buy something else that will be ULEZ compliant, which with the current inflation, I can ill afford. Nice one Mr Mayor!!

    • Christopher. I sympathise with your plight as I have a similar problem storing/using mobility devices using my ‘Historic Vehicles’ that formally are ‘exempt’ and absorbed much of my ‘FAS pensioner/company pension’ over the last 22 years. So as I am not protected by ‘rising inflation’ since the year 2000, I have no means to be able to convert/buy a ULEZ compliant/electric vehicle to vulnerable members of my family being the only one of it able ‘to hold/use a driving licence’ .Khan is not helpful to us pushing 90! He does not care about the consequence’s of his action and should look at the ‘failed scheme’ tried by the Mayor of Manchester!

  3. Khan agenda to ruin london to destroy a way of life for many I’m a biker n my life is bikes low in emissions easy to park how can he include bikes in this madness I’m not well off . It’s not about emissions as if ur well off u can continue to drive in low emission zones by paying so how the hell is that right …..penalise the less well off n look after the rich . Khan has no idea just an objective to destroy our enjoyment.

  4. Dear Gareth I totally agree with all you have said about the ULEZ expansion.
    I was hit by the London low emissions zone in 20/12 I replace my vehicle in 20/11 to comply with the emissions at the cost of £ 20,000 only to be now told it is now not ULEZ compliant I have not got the money to replace it so will have no choice but to pay the £ 12 – 50 daily charge having to pay this will probably mean it will not be worth me going to work depriving me of a reasonable standard of living Kahn is just ripping Londoners off to pay for TFLS debts using air pollution as an excuse to raise money the man will eventually destroy London

  5. There is no logic to his proposal. I scrapped a van in 2011, and had to take out a loan for a replacement.
    As a local tradesmen my mileage is only a few thousand miles a year, I generally drive to a job and park there all day.
    Being in Biggin Hill I am a mile from the Sevenoaks boundary. For example I would be forced to pay £12.50 to drive a mile to a ULEZ exempt borough, which is in the opposite direction to London.
    There are other towns and cities across the country which have greater vehicle density than the outer London Boroughs, but there are no charges for these.
    With more people working from home commuter traffic must be reduced together with emissions.
    Therefore this is a weak excuse to extract more revenue from the struggling public and small businesses to bail out Transport for London.
    It won’t end here because there are suggestions of Euro 7 engines by 2025. So will we be scrapping more vehicles in 3 years time? What is the carbon footprint to manufacture another batch of vehicles?

  6. Whilst I agree with clean air in central London.
    The cost benefit to the public outside the north and south circular towards the M25 is minimal and costly to the public.
    Politically it is always better to take the public with you as can be seen by the stop production of petroleum engines by 2030. Thus allowing various new technologies to improve our environment and allow costs to be spread over a longer period especially in these inflationary hit times.
    If any one has gone past a central London building site and the chocking pollution from all the engines it would make a good case for restricting them to hydrogen static and mobile engines powered by hydrogen. Hydrogen Engines are produced by JCB.

    A vast improvement to air quality and a big help to engineering as the cost is minimal and the benefit huge.

    • I agree with Gareth about those ‘static engines’. It is quite wrong for ‘the Mayor’ to put the blame and cost on ‘private/self employed driver transport’, Polluting others such as aircraft etc have no controls and get away ‘Scot free’ as the public ‘must have their holidays abroad’ a minority of the population polluting the air over London and home counties.

  7. I Live in Havering about half a mile within the proposed extended zone. I am a 73 year old pensioner who drives less then a 1000 miles a year.
    I can’t afford to buy a new ULEZ compliant car. If the Mayor got rid of the obstructions in London to allow cars to move freely there wouldn’t be the pollution

  8. If The Mayor is so concerned about air pollution why does he not oppose expansion of heathrow airport resulting in more air traffic. I would like to know how much air pollution a aircraft produces. Quite a bit I am sure

    • Aircraft pollution has been mentioned before – but no comment from anyone! What is the Mayor of London hiding from? Why is he so concerned with ‘public transport’ at the expense of the individual citizen or driver? So aircraft are a ‘holy cow’ and allowed to be ‘Scot Free! Whilst TFL rely on ‘bail outs’.

  9. For all those signing this petition may I draw your attention to a petition to parliament created recently by a Roger Ashwood that calls for a referendum to get rid of the Mayor & GLA, it already has over 27,000 signatures if it can get to 100,000 it will be considered for debate in parliament. Bottom line is Khan has no mandate for this expansion (he made no mention of it in his manifesto), there is overwhelming opposition including from his own consultation,and his own independent report advises it will make little difference to air quality. This is the largest expansion (75 times the size of the original central London ULEZ, 4 times the size of the North & South Circular expansion), the fastest role out (just 9 months) at the worst possible time economically, to areas that are more heavily car dependent and so much much more poorly served by London Transport than central London. After 2 years of lockdown and a year of rapidly rising inflation and energy costs the Mayor should be holding out a hand to help people and small businesses back on their feet, he is instead punching them in the stomach and kicking them in the teeth. Air pollution is, if you pardon the pun a smokescreen, this is all about the Mayors ego, striding the world stage bragging about his eco credentials, he is more than happy to sacrifice your wellbeing and your financial security on the alter of that ego. But the biggest reason is the in excess of £2.5 million a day he hopes to raise for TFL in charges from the very people least able to afford to pay them. And don’t think if you don’t live in London that it doesn’t affect you, Khan is trying to drum up anti car policies up and down the country, he wants your money but he also wants to take away your liberty and your independence, he really has gone too far, he must be stopped. Google the parliamentary petition at –

  10. Every where in the surrounding area of Romford, flats have and are being built. This encourages more cars in the area. Pollution from demolishing and concrete dust is a concern. The wind blows to England from other countries(sand from the Sahara desert) £2,000 is a joke ( that is if you qualify for it. And to buy a decent vehicle you would need a great deal more money -several thousand. People were told by the government to buy diesel cars because it was cleaner fuel 🤷🏻‍♀️. So that was a lie. To scap a car that is worth more in spare parts is ridiculous. Where are all the batteries and tyres going to end up. They will Pollute the environment. Sadiq khan is making no sense. I know many people the have breathing problems that have always lived at the coast. JUST STOP BUILDING IN LONDON’S SURROUNDING AREAS. That will reduce toxic air and grow more trees instead of chopping them down. Why should I be forced to scap my car. This is supposed to be a free country and I feel I’m being forced to scap my car – where is everyone’s human rights.

  11. Unfortunately Khan wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped him in the face, although when you watch him listing all his alternate facts, there are momentary hesitations which I take as his brain saying are they really falling for this rubbish lets plough on before they realise.
    Unfortunately it doesn’t look like the Government is going to ride to our rescue so we must make sure we kick Khan out on his arse at the next Mayoral election in May, and with this in mind please support my parliamentary petition it only has a few more weeks to run – Give everyone within the M25 a vote for London Mayor and GLA member

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