Petition Against ULEZ Expansion

Gareth Bacon, Member of Parliament for Orpington, has created a petition you can sign against the expansion of the ULEZ to the rest of London.

He points out that anyone driving an older car will be charged £12.50 per day if Sadiq Khan gets his way.  He says that when household bills are rising due to inflation and global supply problems, the Mayor’s plan will hit the poorest in our community hardest. It will punish people, small businesses, and charities who cannot afford a new vehicle to raise money for Sadiq Khan’s failing administration.

He says he will do everything he can to stop Khan’s plan.

Signing the petition below will help stop the Mayor’s plan by showing the level of opposition to the expansion of ULEZ.

Sign the petition here: and stop Sadiq Khan’s new tax. And please share it with friends.

Roger Lawson


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5 thoughts on “Petition Against ULEZ Expansion

  1. Khan is destroying British transport heritage by his proposal. The needs of Greater London are different from central London. This proposal is a direct attack on family life in the suburbs. How does Khan expect pensioners to find ‘thousands of pounds’ to convert to electric? The conversion would be 35,000 GBP for my ‘historic vehicles’..

  2. A sledgehammer to crack a nut, or so it seems. I bought my 15 year old BMW 5 Series Diesel in good faith as it was deemed to be the less polluting option fuel wise and being an estate gave me room to transport my mobility scooter, as I’m an arthritis suffer and have limited mobility. However it is now a “Dirty Diesel” and must be banished from our roads! So as an 80 year old pensioner I’m faced with the prospect of having to sell my now, worthless car and buy something else that will be ULEZ compliant, which with the current inflation, I can ill afford. Nice one Mr Mayor!!

    • Christopher. I sympathise with your plight as I have a similar problem storing/using mobility devices using my ‘Historic Vehicles’ that formally are ‘exempt’ and absorbed much of my ‘FAS pensioner/company pension’ over the last 22 years. So as I am not protected by ‘rising inflation’ since the year 2000, I have no means to be able to convert/buy a ULEZ compliant/electric vehicle to vulnerable members of my family being the only one of it able ‘to hold/use a driving licence’ .Khan is not helpful to us pushing 90! He does not care about the consequence’s of his action and should look at the ‘failed scheme’ tried by the Mayor of Manchester!

  3. Khan agenda to ruin london to destroy a way of life for many I’m a biker n my life is bikes low in emissions easy to park how can he include bikes in this madness I’m not well off . It’s not about emissions as if ur well off u can continue to drive in low emission zones by paying so how the hell is that right …..penalise the less well off n look after the rich . Khan has no idea just an objective to destroy our enjoyment.

  4. Dear Gareth I totally agree with all you have said about the ULEZ expansion.
    I was hit by the London low emissions zone in 20/12 I replace my vehicle in 20/11 to comply with the emissions at the cost of £ 20,000 only to be now told it is now not ULEZ compliant I have not got the money to replace it so will have no choice but to pay the £ 12 – 50 daily charge having to pay this will probably mean it will not be worth me going to work depriving me of a reasonable standard of living Kahn is just ripping Londoners off to pay for TFLS debts using air pollution as an excuse to raise money the man will eventually destroy London

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