ULEZ Costs Rise Again

Sadiq Khan has disclosed in his latest answers to questions in the London Assembly that the cost of implementing the expanded Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) will now be £130 million.  This is to cover the cost of an extra 750 cameras to cover the expanded area to the North/South Circular.

The original estimated cost was only £38.4 million, subsequently rising to £120 million and now £130 million. It never made economic sense in terms of the cost/benefit ratio and is a typical example of TfL and the Mayor being financially incompetent.

In fact TfL concealed the original costs and likely income when the project was first proposed. See this web page for the history of what happened and why it never made sense: https://www.freedomfordrivers.org/environment  . In reality it is imposing enormous costs on Londoners for minimal benefit.

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1 thought on “ULEZ Costs Rise Again

  1. This expansion is disgusting with no thought for the millions of working class people, myself included, that it will affect. This has nothing to do with pollution and everything to do with his hell bent agenda on getting rid of cars, bringing in ££ and, ultimately, destroying the capital of our country.

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