New TfL Consultation Hub

Transport for London (TfL) have launched a new “Consultation Hub” where you can give feedback on new projects in London – see . You can also register to receive notifications of new consultation events.

This is not just about consulting on future projects but also submitting comments on live ones – such as the trial of E-Scooters that is currently running.

The new consultation “hub” will replace the existing consultation web site (see ) which contains consultations on Streetspace schemes, bus lanes and other matters at present.

Is this a big improvement or is there any reason for the change? It’s not obvious how this change will help and moving and renaming a web site is never a good idea.

Readers are advised to register with the new site so as to be sure of being informed on new consultations.


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2 thoughts on “New TfL Consultation Hub

  1. The reason for the change is that the old way was open to scrutiny, it was yes or no responses. And Judicial Reviews have busted TfL over fake and fabricated consultations against drivers. Many negative responses weren’t recorded because they didn’t support the Mayor’s fake propaganda. And many other so-called consultations had already been decided so they weren’t consultations. The new system is much more manipulative. It moves away from asking people yes or no and instead only asks people who will support the Mayor, ie white middle aged male cyclists. You need to register with your colour to be able to respond so black people who are more likely to drive to low paid jobs because they cant cycle or afford public transport can be whitewashed out

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