Mayoral Race Hotting-Up

The campaigns to get elected as the next Mayor of London are getting more active. For those who are considering voting for Sadiq Khan, an article published in the Independent makes it look like an ominous choice for anyone who wants to drive in London.

The article said that he vows to press ahead with controversial plans to get Londoners out of their cars.  The current Mayor said to the Independent that we “need to make sure we don’t go from one health crisis of Covid, to another one – even worse – of air quality”. Of course this makes for good political banter but it is untrue that air pollution is a major health crisis. It is certainly worth improving what air pollution there is in London as it might tackle some health issues but it has been steadily improving for years and years in most areas. Londoners have been living longer which puts a lie to the claim of major health crisis. Air pollution has only been highlighted in some locations recently because of the impact of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) which has made things worse, while sources of air pollution other than vehicles are ignored.

Sadiq Khan said this in the article: “Our roads should be limited to blue light services, to electricians, to plumbers, to commercial drivers, to taxis, to those that need to use our roads – delivery drivers and so forth – rather than individuals that could be walking, cycling and using public transport”. So it seems those who wish to drive their family to their friends or relatives elsewhere in the country should be banned from using London’s roads. And doing a week’s shopping and carrying it home or visiting doctors should also be banned. Meanwhile the hypocrite that he is drives around in an armoured Range Rover (cost: £300,000 according to the Mail OnLine).

The Independent article is a classic example of how to throw mud at your opponents and to ignore the desires of the residents of London to have the LTN roads re-opened. See article on the link below for the full horror of what Mr Khan believes which includes some very misleading comments about his opponent’s policies.

To read about all the candidates and their policies in a less biased form, read this previous blog post:

The Independent Article:


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3 thoughts on “Mayoral Race Hotting-Up

  1. That’s very funny because exactly the blue lights, plumbers and electricians, taxis and delivery drivers are the ones that are caught in trafic and they are being ripped off by TfL’s congestion scam.

  2. In fact, this policy is not new. Never in the history of mthe human race have slaves been allowed to own their own transport (at that time – a horse). Only FREE AND INDEPENDANT CITIZENS had their own transport.
    The mayor can’t forbid you to buy a car, but with one stroke of the pen he can make it unusable.
    In London, streets with 400 or even 500 years of history were made useless. These streets were and are owned by Londoners because they were built and maintained with their tax money.
    And the Mayor of London has in fact been appointed TEMPORARILY by these same Londoners to manage their property.
    For the same “legal” reasons, the cleaner you hired to clean your home may prohibit you from using your bedroom.

  3. He should start removing all the Uber cars he brought in for tfl and remove them before Londoners choice to drive a car.

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