Albemarle Road, Bromley – Another Unnecessary Covid Scheme

Albemarle Road in Bromley is one of those roads where an experimental traffic scheme has been introduced using the Covid-19 pandemic as an excuse and on which funding has been provided accordingly. In reality it is a scheme that favours cyclists when very few of them use this road, while disadvantaging vehicle users.

The former two-way road, which is a key route between Beckenham junction and Bromley town centre, has now been reduced to a one-way street westbound so as to make way for a cycle lane (see latest photo above). Vehicles wanting to go east from Beckenham now have to use Bromley Road. Residents of Albemarle Road and adjacent roads now have tortuous and longer routes to many destinations, or to get to their properties.

This was a road that worked well before the changes and there is no justification for the proposals which are in essence a waste of money. However the introduction of traffic lights on the Westgate Road Bridge and removal of the bus lane before Shortlands may make sense.  

The London Borough of Bromley is now running a public consultation on the scheme even though traffic volumes have not returned to normal. Responses need to be submitted before the 3rd of March. There is an easy on-line form where you can submit your comments here:  


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