Redbridge Removes Road Closures

The London Borough of Redbridge has abandoned its “Quiet Streets” scheme (a Low Traffic Neighbourhood enforced by “planters” that block the roads). It is to open up the roads. This is after numerous complaints from residents.

This is what Council Leader Jas Athwal had to say: “Many local people have reached out to me directly about the recent Quiet Streets pilots in Barkingside South and Cranbrook West. It is clear that residents have genuine concerns about the schemes. Although we have received some positive comments and significant support for the scheme’s principles, including reducing air pollution and making our roads safer, the overwhelming response has been to ask us to reverse the changes, and we are listening”.  See more here:

Comment: Councillor Jas Athwal and his colleagues are to be commended for their quick and decisive action on this matter. It is very unfortunate that the Government encouraged such schemes and that the anti-car factions have taken such a hold of many local councils, particularly in London.

The use of the Covid-19 epidemic to rush in such schemes without prior public consultation is an absolute disgrace and should not have been permitted in a democratic society. It is very clear that the residents of most London boroughs do not support such schemes and the implementation of such schemes is counterproductive to improving the environment.


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