Lewisham Backtracking on Road Closures

Lewisham Council have made an announcement concerning their Low Traffic Neighbourhood in Lee Green which has caused so much anger among residents. They have not conceded defeat but instead come up with a half-baked compromise that will only pacify a few people. Some roads are re-opened or made one-way but roads such as Upwood Road will remain closed. It also mentions plans for more “School Streets” (i.e. timed road closures) and longer-term changes for the Hither Green and Catford areas in 2021. The exclusion of HGVs from some of the roads may undoubtedly be welcomed by many people however.

You can read the details here: https://lewishamcovidresidentialstreets.commonplace.is/news/2020/10/16/changes-to-lewisham-and-lee-green-low-traffic-neighbourhood-announced? See Map below also.

It’s actually very difficult to understand the logic behind these changes as some local residents will find their journey’s improved while others will not. It is also not at all clear that it will substantially relieve the extra traffic loads on the main roads such as the South Circular.

They claim these changes are the result of “what the local community has told us” but as there has been no formal consultation process or surveys performed they are likely to have only listened to a very selective audience.

These changes are due to be implemented in the week commencing the 9th November when there will no doubt be another bout of confusion on which routes are permitted.

The group of local residents who oppose the road closures, which is supported by us and which now has support from over 10,000 people, will wait to hear your comments before commenting further. Please let us have them.

Note that there is a webinar meeting hosted by Mayor Damien Egan for local residents on the 22ndOctober at 7.00 pm which you can register for here: https://consultation.lewisham.gov.uk/highways-and-transport/lewisham-and-lee-green-ltn/

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3 thoughts on “Lewisham Backtracking on Road Closures

  1. While the banning of HGV’s may be populist and get a few votes come local election time, it will not be so popular with those trying to improve their homes and need building supplies! They have to drive down SOMEBODIES road to reach a destination! Once again people want all the comforts of modern living, but will not tolerate even the slightest of inconvenience! These residents want to travel themselves, but do not want others to travel! down ‘THEIR’ road
    It is such a shame that such hypocrisy goes un-challenged.

  2. Totally agree 100%, I live on a side road near a hospital, where there is a bus route and NHS staff park, I have always opposed any permit parking, some people are so anal and self centered, and live in their own little utopia. Roads are and should be for all regardless.

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