Chiswick Road Closures and Grant Shapps Recanting

Opposition to road closures in London using the spurious excuse of the Covid-19 epidemic continues to grow. The latest example is in Chiswick where a petition against the closure of Turnham Green Terrace and Fishers Lane has been created. The result of the closures is to push north-south travelling locals on to Acton Lane and Goldhawk Road.  Both roads are gridlocked for far longer than was typical pre-Covid. Please sign the petition which is here:

Grant Shapps Backtracking

The Government, and Transport Minister Grant Shapps, have caused many of the problems with statutory guidance that supported road closures and other measures that have created traffic congestion all over the country. But he has written an article published in the Daily Telegraph where he seems to be recanting.

The Telegraph article states: “The Secretary of State for Transport says he will personally intervene to scrap the worst examples where local authorities have ruined high streets and residential roads in an attempt to build cycle lanes and promote social distancing for pedestrians.

His comments come after a series of petitions attracted thousands of signatures from people across the country who fear councils are pandering to the cycle lobby.

Campaign groups representing the disabled, small business owners, pollution activists and motorists have criticised the schemes for being rushed through with little or no consultation”.

See for the full article.

Readers should write to their Member of Parliament to complain about the past actions of Grant Shapps and request the Statutory Guidance supporting these measures be withdrawn.


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