Protest Against Hammersmith Bridge Closure

If you feel strongly upset by the way Hammersmith Bridge has been closed to all traffic and are inconvenienced by it, there is a protest rally being organised on both north and south sides of the bridge on Thursday (3rd September) at 5.00 pm.

The Broken Bridge Broken London campaign group has already accumulated hundreds of people on a WhatsApp group and on Facebook, .

Local residents feel they are being badly let down by politicians of all colours because there is a very good proposal for a temporary bridge on the upstream side, from specialist marine engineers Beckett Rankine, which have been on the table since March. The cost would be just a few million pounds and it would take just 2-3 months to erect but local politicians won’t consider it seriously and the government is not offering to pay, despite Greg Hands and Grant Shapps promising to take action if elected. (See: and ).

If you are sympathetic to the cause, please share this and support the postings on social media.


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