London Resort Public Consultation

One of the biggest development projects in the South-East is planned. It’s called the “London Resort” and will comprise a theme park, hotels with 3,350 rooms, 500 homes, a conference centre and other facilities. In total it will cover 1,245 acres which is larger than the largest theme park in the UK (Alton Towers).

Where exactly will it be? In Swanscombe which is just east of the Dartford Crossing. The road network in the area is of course very heavily congested already as there has been a large amount of development in Kent in recent years and the M25 and Dartford Crossing capacity is insufficient to cope with existing demand although the new Lower Thames crossing further east may help and there are plans for a direct link to the A2. The developers also propose to put transport facilities on the north side of the river Thames.

The developers are currently running a public consultation on their plans. See here for more details: . Residents in the area should certainly take a look at them and give their views.

It may be some time before a planning application is made and any traffic study would be worth a close look.


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