Petition Against Lewisham Road Closures

The road closures in the Lee Green area of Lewisham are now being installed. For example Upwood Road, a key local route to avoid the congested main roads and which provides access to many local roads has been blocked by “modal filters”. Drivers have actually been driving around the road blocks, as they have also been doing on South Row on Blackheath. This video on the BBC News web site shows what is happening: . It’s just symptomatic of the frustration of drivers but the Council is taking steps to block this dangerous behaviour.

We have set up a petition on to ask Lewisham to drop these closures and not install more of them. See:



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2 thoughts on “Petition Against Lewisham Road Closures

  1. Closure under Ennersdale Rd railway bridge effectively divides Hither Green in half. This is one of only two rail crossings the other being on the South Circular. Dermody Rd is also blocked to the north forcing traffic through Lewisham town centre to Lee High Rd. Does the council have no commonsense in traffic planning ?

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