City Pushes Ahead with 15 MPH Limit


15 MPH Sign

The City of London Corporation has decided to push ahead with their proposal for a 15-mph speed limit across the whole of the City. Almost all the elements of their proposed transport strategy that we covered last October are likely to be implemented including targets for vehicle reduction, zero emission roads, more space given to pedestrians and cyclists and other damaging proposals for taxi/PHV drivers and goods vehicles which service City businesses and residents.

The 15-mph limit is irrational because the limit of 20 mph they imposed in 2014 has proved to be totally ineffective in reducing accidents. In fact minor accidents went up. But City Corporation Council Members and staff of the Corporation seem to have been infected with paranoia and anti-car fever while ignoring the objections they received in a public consultation.

Although the average speed of traffic in the City is less than 10-mph there are some roads at some times of day where traffic of all kinds (including pedestrians) is low so it is safe to do a higher speed than 15-mph. Although it’s not going to have any impact on accident rates, drivers are likely to collect numerous PCNs for speeding. The City of London Police have been quite vigorous in enforcing the 20 limit so presumably will commit even more resources to this wasteful project.

The only thing that may stop the 15-mph limit is that it will require approval from the Department for Transport – there are no DfT approved signs for 15-mph for example. Let us hope they see sense and do so.

Roger Lawson


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