Political Protest Blocks Traffic

Traffic in central London was severely disrupted yesterday by a protest by a group named “Extinction Rebellion”. Traffic was blocked on Lambeth, Tower and Vauxhall bridges at on roads at Elephant & Castle and Earls Court. All of 100 people were reported as present to demand that the Government take action on climate change. The police appeared to do nothing to stop the obstruction of the highway. Why not?

This is the latest in a series of demonstrations by small groups of people who according to the BBC are intent on causing “gridlock across the capital”, and more are planned. They certainly achieved that due to lack of police action. Nobody objects to peaceful demonstrations but when they disrupt the life of people just trying to get around it is simply not acceptable. If Extinction Rebellion get away with this activity then all sorts of protest groups will learn they can cause trouble with immunity. London traffic is bad enough already without extremists disrupting it more.

Were these demonstrations approved by the police as would normally have been required? If so they should not have been. I will be writing to Police Commissioner Cressida Dick and to Mayor Sadiq Khan asking them to put a stop to these demonstrations forthwith. Readers of this article should do the same – we need a protest about a protest!

You can contact the Mayor here: https://www.london.gov.uk/contact-us-form

Comments for Cressida Dick can be sent to enquiries@mopac.london.gov.uk

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