Woolwich Ferry Closed

The Woolwich Ferry has been closed pending replacement by two new ferry boats. The piers need adapting to take the new boats which have more capacity than the old ones. It was clear that the three old boats needed replacing because they used to regularly break down after many years of service. It is hoped the new boats will be in service in the New Year.

The alternative ways to cross the Thames are the Blackwall Tunnel, the Dartford Crossing or if you are walking the Greenwich Foot Tunnel (cycling not permitted).

I do recall taking the kids for a trip on the Woolwich Ferry on a boxing day many years ago as a change from using the Blackwall Tunnel. The driver of a car in front of me accidentally locked himself out of his vehicle, as one could easily do in those days. I envisaged being stuck on the ferry for some time as vehicles were crammed in as tight as possible. But another Ford car driver on the ferry tried his car key and it unlocked the vehicle. Car security systems have improved somewhat since then!

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