Blanket 20 MPH Speed Limit in Richmond

The London Borough of Richmond is proposing to introduce a speed limit of 20 mph on all roads in the borough with two exceptions. The only exceptions will be the A205 (South Circular) and A316 which are TfL controlled roads.

The claim is that this will reduce the number and severity of road accidents but that is contrary to the evidence that has been appearing on that issue – see

This will be a “signed-only” scheme so it is very unlikely to have any significant impact on traffic speeds (typically 1 mph on other such schemes which nobody can notice) and even less impact on casualty figures.

A public consultation is now open where you can give your views on this proposal. See:

Please make sure you respond as soon as possible!

Roger Lawson


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3 thoughts on “Blanket 20 MPH Speed Limit in Richmond

  1. Utterly disgusting. There are key main roads (including 40mph roads) included in this, and roads that have ‘speeding issues’ – yet they claim these will be ‘self-enforcing’. The recent pedestrian accident rate published only a couple of weeks ago showed how LB Richmond had some of the lowest rates, as did other non-20 areas, while blanket 20 areas were amongst the highest – yet they claim this will ‘reduce casualties’. They show total disregard for the fact they will be incriminating men, women, parents, old people, young people, and those who drive for a living. They show hatred towards the bus passengers most likely to suffer from longer journey times. And as I drive through the borough quite regularly, do I need to mention how many of the speed measurers that briefly were laid out close to junctions of pinch points, which int he circumstances you would speculate was deliberate? This is the policy of society’s biggest cretins.

    Drivers need to show more of a response, though. Just responding doesn’t appear to be enough; there needs to be a furious, violent even, reaction on 20mph streets. 20 means War. 20 means Hell. 20 means Death. And ‘vision zero’ will Die in 20 limits.

    What do you think the outcome of this will be? Like Hammersmith & Fulham, which at least backed down on main roads (though not remotely enough)?

    • What you say is undoubtedly true. I fear this will be progressed unless a few residents of Richmond kick up a stink about this and get the message out to ensure a good response to the consultation. If anyone can assist, please contact the ABD.
      Roger Lawson

  2. The main roads/bus routes should all be excluded from this. They say it would be 50% cheaper to include these. I say it would be 100% cheaper to keep the status quo!! 🙂

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