Active Opposition to Cycle Lanes in Enfield

There is a very active campaign against new cycle lanes in the Green Lanes area of Enfield (the A105). They have an impressive web site (see ) and have already pursued a judicial review on the matter. Their complaint is that the cycle scheme will lead to increased congestion, and suggest the cycle lanes should be put on other roads.

They managed to generate over 1,500 objections to a public consultation but Ealing Council have so far ignored the objections.

Comment: It is good to see that there is an active voice against inappropriate cycle lanes where a preference is given to a small minority of road users as against other road users and local residents. Please give them a donation to help them.

Roger Lawson


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2 thoughts on “Active Opposition to Cycle Lanes in Enfield

  1. Roger

    Green Lanes and the A105 do cross but they are near Hornsey (in Haringey, I think).  What is the correct area – if it’s in Ealing, it’s not Green Lanes or the A105

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