Speed Humps to Slow Cyclists

There is a problem in Hyde Park where cyclists have been clocked travelling at more than 30 mph even though there is a posted speed limit of 10 mph. The paths in Hyde Park are shared by pedestrians and cyclists and the Royal Parks staff said they observed several near misses when they monitored the paths. Pedestrians need to walk across the cycle path at some point but cyclists do not slow down and frequently verbally harass pedestrians who get in their way.

So the Royal Parks plan to install rows of granite setts as “rumble strips” to slow cyclists at a cost of £215,000. Needless to say the always vociferous cycling lobby are objecting with the London Cycling Campaign calling the plan “outrageous”.

It is surely regrettable that this is another example of cyclists ignoring regulations and taking the attitude that everyone else should get out of their way.

Roger Lawson

2 thoughts on “Speed Humps to Slow Cyclists

  1. On the general issue of speed bumps, if you travel on the A124 from Romford to Upminster, it’s all 30 mph except for one short 20 mph section through the middle of Hornchurch. Recently about 4 or five speed bumps have been added to this road in the 30 mph sections. There were four near Upminster but five have been added just past the Tesco Extra. Most of these would be highly unpleasant and possibly cause damage to your car or tyres if you hit them at the legal 30 mph speed. It just seems wrong to me that driving at the legal speed would do this. It’s speed reduction by stealth. It’s not the only place;, the road from Walthamstow to Chingford has had them for years.

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