Diesel Vehicle Petition

Please would you consider signing this petition in support of clean diesel cars:


Modern diesel cars are very clean indeed and manufacturers have been encouraged to invest in clean diesel technology in the rush to minimise CO2 emissions.

The attacks on diesel cars are particularly aggressive in London while ignoring the fact that they are so much cleaner than they used to be and that most of the worst pollution from diesel vehicles in London comes from HGVs, LGVs, buses and taxis. In addition they ignore the emissions from many other sources such as home and office heating, industrial processes, etc.

This petition is already doing very well and in the few days it has been live has gained over 3,000 signatures. It is currently growing at some 1,000 a day and is gaining recognition in the media.

Please would you support this petition by signing it, supporting it, and also share it as widely as possible requesting your contacts to do likewise.

Roger Lawson

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